Why the Iraqi Insurgents Don't Have a Chance 

Why the Iraqi Insurgents Don't Have a Chance

ABC interview of Condoleezza Rice

Even with reports of more suicide bombings today in Iraq, I don't see Iraq becoming a quagmire like Vietnam. In the case of Vietnam, the Vietcong had an long term strategy: weaken the South and help the North take over. The North was well established and had the backing of the Soviet Union along with many other nations.

What long term strategy does the Iraqi terrorists and insurgents have? What nations support them? Condoleezza Rice made this important point yesterday in an interview on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos:

These are not people who somehow have an alternative vision for Iraq. Their only way of making their presence felt is to cause murder and mayhem against innocent people. That's not, in the long term, a sustainable position.

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