12 former Guantanamo prisoners went back to war 

12 former Guantanamo prisoners went back to war

Reuters article

The Reuters' article reports that US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales mentioned this after meetings in Brussels with EU officials:

"There are several people that we have released that we know have come back and fought against America because they have been recaptured or killed on the battlefield,"

First question one may ask is whether this can be believed? After being so wrong with the WMDs in Iraq, many might wonder.

Others have mentioned that it doesn't excuse the US for failing to hold fair trials for the detainees within a reasonable time period.

According to the Washington Times, more than 200 detainees have departed the prison camp. So if there were 12 who have returned to fight, it may not be too surprising. For any group of criminals there's always a sizable rate of recidivism.

Is Gitmo becoming just one more recruitment tool for the Iraqi and Afghan insurgents and terrorists? I have to admit there's no easy method of dealing with these insurgents who've been captured. If the insurgents and terrorists keep growing in Afghan, Iraq, and elsewhere, it's going to be a long war on terror.

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