Already Waiting In Line For Star Wars 

Already Waiting In Line For Star Wars

NBC Article According to this article this man has already started waiting in line for "Star Wars, Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith".

The movie is due out on May 19. This guy has set up a couch outside the theater and hopes to set the record for the longest wait in line.

It seems a pretty pathetic stunt. But he is getting publicity. And he's not suffering too much. He's able to connect to the net with his laptop. He gets help from friends who bring him food, and he still takes breaks for the bathroom and showers.

Here's an idea about what would be a funny joke. Several hours before the first showing on May 19th, a large group of people should wait for him to take a bathroom break, and then all cut in front of him in line. Could you imagine how angry he would be...

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